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Minimum deposit
0.02 BTC


Minimum deposit
0.50 ETH


Minimum deposit
500.00 USDT

   Introductory information

DigiU.Wealth is an investment tool with a monthly return, in which there is no risk of a deposit drawdown.

Our team accepts BTC, ETH, USDT for management. Clients' assets are managed in the most reliable area - DeFi (decentralized financial services), in which there is no volatility, draining deposits, drawdowns and other risks of partial or complete loss of capital.

DigiU.Wealth specialists earn profit for clients by using the opportunities of the DeFi market, in particular farming.

  • Your capital is only used to provide liquidity on decentralized crypto exchanges, and this is the safest investment area in the crypto market withno risk of drawdown of the deposit

  • Your assets will grow every day, and the amount of profitability is the value for which our specialists are fighting, searching and analyzing suitable projects.

  • Our specialists use their own predictive analytics and collateral strategies, which allows the company's clients to receive profitability that exceeds the market average.

  • DigiU.Wealth has been consistently bringing monthly profits to customers for almost 2 years, and during this time the company has shown a high level of reliability.

  • For 2021, the profitability of DigiU.Wealth, excluding compound interest, was:
         USDT - 50% per annum
         BTC - 32% per annum
         ETH - 35% per annum

  • Clients receive profit on the account every month and can dispose of it without restrictions - monthly withdraw or reinvest to increase their investment capital using compound interest.

  • The minimum investment amount is 500 USDT, which allows people from all over the world to invest even without a lot of capital.

  • Investments from 0.02 BTC, 0.50 ETH or 500 USDT are accepted as a contribution to the project.

  • DigiU.Wealth investors will receive 50% of the profit from product monetization.

  • Product income is paid to partners in the currency in which they contributed.

  • You can withdraw funds from your account once a month.

  • 50% to DigiU.Wealth investor.

  • 10% for affiliate program.

  • 40% for management costs, team remuneration and dividends to DIGIU shareholders.

The specified percentage of profitability is valid when placing your deposit in the DigiU.Wealth project during a full calendar month.
If your deposit is placed in a period of less than one calendar month, the percentage of profitability may differ from that indicated in the table.
2022-11 0.90 % 1.01 % 1.67 %
2022-10 0.95 % 1.05 % 1.61 %
2022-09 0.70 % 0.84 % 1.13 %
2022-08 1.40 % 1.69 % 2.52 %
2022-07 1.69 % 1.96 % 2.76 %
2022-06 1.40 % 1.70 % 2.67 %
2022-05 1.32 % 1.57 % 2.88 %
2022-04 1.18 % 1.37 % 2.70 %
2022-03 1.12 % 1.23 % 2.30 %
2022-02 1.20 % 1.30 % 2.30 %
2022-01 1.10 % 1.10 % 2.10 %
2021-12 1.09 % 1.21 % 2.17 %
2021-11 1.24 % 1.52 % 3.04 %
2021-10 1.40 % 1.60 % 3.20 %
2021-09 1.35 % 1.53 % 3.09 %
2021-08 1.23 % 1.33 % 2.52 %
2021-07 1.46 % 1.69 % 2.80 %
2021-06 2.13 % 2.35 % 5.03 %
2021-05 2.26 % 2.75 % 5.17 %
2021-04 2.67 % 3.72 % 6.46 %
2021-03 2.60 % 3.50 % 6.20 %
2021-02 3.50 % 3.00 % 7.20 %
2021-01 3.90 % 3.90 % 3.90 %
2020-12 5.10 % 5.10 % 5.10 %
2020-11 6.50 % 6.50 % 6.50 %
2020-10 6.10 % 6.10 % 6.10 %

   How to start using the product?

To start using the DigiU.Wealth product, you need to make a one-time payment of $100.

This amount is distributed as a reward to partners who already use this product and are able to provide advice on its connection. Thus, we support the partner network and motivate our partners to develop the project.

To make a payment, it is necessary that the amount of $100 be placed on your personal account with DigiU. If this is already implemented, click the "Buy" button and the DigiU.Wealth product will become available to you.

Deposit replenishment on the DigiU.Wealth platform is possible in different parts and in any amount from $10.

note : The DigiU.Wealth platform will start working and make a profit only after reaching the minimum deposit. The minimum deposit amounts for each accepted cryptocurrency are indicated on the main page of the platform.

To replenish the deposit, follow the instructions:

1. Select the tab with the cryptocurrency in which you want to make a deposit and click on the button "Top up account".

2. In the form that opens, select a cryptocurrency and enter the required amount.

Be careful!

For BTC, you can only use the main Bitcoin network.

For ETH, you can only use the main Ethereum network.

For USDT, you can only use the Ethereum ERC20 mainnet and Tron TRC20.

No other coins or tokens are accepted. No other networks are supported.

3. Click the "Proceed to payment" button.

4. Next, you need to make a transfer from your wallet to the address that will be indicated in the invoice.

Below is an example of an invoice for replenishment:

You can send funds from any wallet or exchange. The wallet displayed on the platform is unique and belongs only to your account.

Please be careful to check the correct wallet address and network standard before sending funds to avoid loss.

Since the funds after your deposit must be distributed into pools, we reserve them for a period of 48 to 72 hours​. The time of actual crediting of your funds to the pool will be reflected in the table Investments . As soon as the funds are distributed, you will start making a profit.

Referral income is available at DigiU.Wealth.

It is divided into 2 components:

  • Monthly percentage of earned affiliate earnings according to your DigiU structure up to 3 levels deep:
    Level 1 - 5%, Level 2 - 3% and Level 3 - 2%
  • Payout from partner activation payment according to DigiU structure up to 10 levels deep

This means you earn from both personal sales and affiliate sales up to 10 levels deep.

Partner Level % payout from partner's activation payment Status required to receive payment The total volume of attracted investments in Wealth (for the entire depth of the structure) required to receive a payment
1 50% IL (license purchased) not taken into account
2 20% D1 not taken into account
3 10% D2 not taken into account
4 5% D3 over $50,000
5 5% D3 over $100,000
6 2% D3 over $200,000
7 2% D3 over $400,000
8 2% D3 over $800,000
9 2% D3 over $1,600,000
10 2% D3 over $3,200,000
DigiU.Wealth provides partners from all over the world with the opportunity to invest in DeFi and receive active income from promoting the company. We are happy to offer benefits and want to make cooperation with us interesting and attractive for people from all over the world.

Use DigiU.Wealth to increase your wealth and help people get to know us!

In accordance with the regulations of the DigiU.Wealth platform, the following steps are provided:

1. Profit is accrued every first day of the month.

2. From the 2nd to the 5th day of each month inclusive, requests for withdrawal of funds are collected.

3. From the 6th to the 7th day of each month, inclusive, these applications are processed and funds are withdrawn.

In order to withdraw funds on the DigiU.Wealth platform, you must first add your wallet to which the withdrawal will be made.

In the "Wallet" field, you must enter the address of your wallet, to which the funds will be withdrawn. Please note that the wallet must support the selected cryptocurrency.

After entering the data and clicking the "Save" button, you will receive a confirmation code to your email address, which will need to be entered in the appropriate field.

After that, your wallet address will be saved in the list of wallets in the "Wallets for withdrawal" section. Further, you can apply for withdrawal of funds in accordance with the general rules, namely, upon request from the 2nd to the 5th day of each month inclusive.

To do this, go to the "Withdraw Funds" section, click on the "Withdraw Funds" button and fill out the form.