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Minimum deposit
0.02 BTC


Minimum deposit
0.50 ETH


Minimum deposit
500.00 USDT

DigiU.Wealth is a product that will bring profitability from 3-7% per month!

This is a new product of the DigiU ecosystem!
It involves managing your assets. But this is fundamentally different from trading.
️No financial institution (government, bank) can offer such a high profitability!

Product essence:

We accept cryptocurrency management BTC, ETH, USDT.
But we do not trade and do not trade!
We only manage your assets. And you profit from this management!

Product benefits:

✅ DigiU.Wealth will invest in DeFi. And DeFi runs on blockchain, a technology that cannot be hacked or changed. As a result, your funds are 100% safe.
✅ You can invest in stablecoin - a cryptocurrency that cannot change in price, as it is pegged to the dollar.
✅ We do not convert your assets to fiat funds, that is, you do not bear any exchange rate risks. You invest in cryptocurrency - we pay you profitability in the same cryptocurrency.
✅ We select only DeFi projects whose smart contracts have been audited.

Terms of investing in DigiU.Wealth:

✅ Investments from 0.02 BTC, 0.50 ETH or 500 USDT are accepted as a contribution to the project.
✅ DigiU.Wealth investors will receive 50% of the profit from product monetization.
✅ Cryptocurrencies accepted BTC, ETH, USDT
✅ Product income is paid to partners in the currency in which they contributed.
✅ You can withdraw funds from your account once a month.

The profit from the product is distributed as follows:

- 50% to investor DigiU.Wealth
- 10% for the affiliate program
- 40% on management costs, team fees and DIVIDENDS TO DIGIU SHARE HOLDERS.